Have you ever wondered what it’s like using a london taxi as a private car? If so, you’re in luck! Welcome to where you can read all about owning a Fairway taxi.

In 2013 I purchased a Fairway Taxi (M91 TMC), which turns out to be an extremely useful vehicle, it’s great fun to drive and I’m in the process of renewing some of the ‘tired’ aspects of the car

The taxi is fairly old now, the engine has seen over 300,000 miles and parts of the bodywork are showing some age.

I’m trying to keep this website updated with all the things I do to the car – whether this is restorative work or just day-to-day activities. I’m hoping it may help someone down the line, maybe you’re reading this in the same situation as me, or maybe you’re just bored. This isn’t the car I use on a day to day basis, it is much more of a project for me (although not a money making exercise).

When I bought the car in 2013, it was in a good state (especially the interior) however I was very quick to make a couple of small cosmetic improvements. These included some minor bodywork repairs/enhancements, installing a front seat, new engine parts etc.

It has been on many trips and adventures, if I have the time I’ll put some details on here for you to read. If you have any questions, please contact me using the details at the bottom of the page.

And here are 6 reasons why you might consider owning a fairway taxi:

1) They’re spacious
2) The insurance is cheap
3) You can run them on vegetable oil
4) They’re accessible
5) Spare parts are easily accessible and cheap
6) They’re great for advertising your business

Here are some quick links to get you started:

Fairway Taxi Insurance

Fairway Taxi Manuals & Documents