You’ll never be able to exhaust the uses of this car. Most of the time this involves moving as much stuff as you can for someone else. I’ve helped with two house moves and you can fit an unreal amount of furniture in there! Someone said to me you could fit an upright piano in the back, but I struggle to see how that would get in the door.

It’s a great outdoor vehicle as well – by that I mean;

  • Camping (which I dislike, but having the taxi there made things more interesting)
  • Having pic-nics inside (on a popup table) whilst watching people outside getting soaked by pouring rain
  • Doing an essay with a view – if you get bogged down with a piece of work, you can set up a desk in the back, drive somewhere interesting and be inspired by something other than your office wall.

A couple of things I would love to do in the future include;

  • Setting up a pizza oven in the back and sell on the street
  • Setting up a gin bar in the back and sell on the street
  • Setting up a burger van in the back and sell in a lay-by

You get the point…

I’ve been on a couple of road-trips to the continent with the taxi and if you set a table up in the back the chaps can enjoy a beer whilst cruising through the countryside. Having mistakenly driven through the centre of Bruges, you certainly get into plenty of photographs…


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