So I’m over the fact the wing I spent a month redoing, didn’t fit! In fact, I will go even further and say it was a small blessing that it happened.

As I mentioned in the last post (having cocked-up the bodywork) I had no intention of spending hours more working on the same thing, as it was becoming demoralising and I wanted to move on to different aspects of the car. Therefore, the obvious thing to do was buy a new wing! Richard from Leacy Classics (which now owns all the stock from London Taxi Exports) had a couple of fibreglass wings in, so I drove to Birmingham to pick them up.

The plan now is to respray them and put them on the car. Should be fairly straightforward (!) as there won’t be any rust to contend with and I can move on fairly swiftly to something else.

In the meantime, I have been cutting out all the rust from the wheel arches, and rewelding in some new panels. The amount of holes which had rusted into the footwell was staggering, and must be partly why the carpets were so moist (other than the windscreen waterfall…)

Having cut out all the rust and welded new panels in, I used a generous amount of underseal. I also refabricated the panels which sit between the wheel and the above area, which protect it from all the mud and dirt from the road. They were completely decomposed and it was no wonder that the rust had attacked the areas behind.

2016-03-03 12.56.21

Next up should be the respray and fitting of the fibreglass wings, and we will once again have a complete taxi!


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