Whenever I see another Fairway model out on the roads I try and get a photo, as they become more scarce. By all means send in a photo of your Fairway and I can stick it up here!


There are a couple of great websites/blogs out on the internet already with a wealth of information on restoring, driving and living with a Fairway Taxi. Do take a look;

My Black Taxi – Mark has restored a Fairway and has a great deal of information on his blog.

Jeeves the Black Taxi – Jeeves has been looked after so well by these owners and there’s plenty of great content to check out.

Baconsdozen – This site has a run down on some of the key things to look out for when restoring a Fairway. There are also some other restoration projects to look at as well.

Bertie Black Cab – Story of a Fairway, now hitting the roads around Lincolnshire.

British Black Cab – This website is jam packed with info regarding Fairway taxis. It’s also translated in French, just in case!

Chopt Taxi – Follow this blog as a Fairway taxi is ‘Chopt’ up and made into a quality hot-rod!

London Taxi in Panama – Barry has a couple of Fairways out in Panama! Used for wedding work, airport transfers and the rest, they are great examples of the taxi with immaculate looking interiors.

Drop me an e-mail and if you’d like me to put a link up to your site.


There is a big Fairway and taxi community out there, and you’ll find a lot of info on these sites:

Fairway Owners Forum – An active forum set up by Baconsdozen, with recent contributions from Fairway Owners.

Fairway Owners Club – A forum with contributions from Fairway owners far and wide!

Taxi Driver Forum – This forum is more for the taxi trade, however you’ll find plenty of Fairway related chat in the ‘Repairs and Maintenance’ section. What a surprise…


If you’re looking for links to parts and spares, or want to download the workshop manuals and documents, check out the Parts & Documents page.

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