On The Road

Fairway Taxi Cushions

Family friend Anita found some fantastic fabric! I'm next to useless with a sewing machine, so my next door neighbour Jane found made it into two wonderful cushions for the passenger seats - very clever indeed!

A Multi-Purpose Vehicle

You'll never be able to exhaust the uses of this car. Most of the time this involves moving as much stuff as you can for someone else. I've helped with two house moves and you can fit an unreal amount of furniture...

Leaking Steering Box

The steering box on my Fairway (and most probably yours!) has always leaked slowly. It's usually after a drive when the fluid is warm and results in much embarrasment when you reverse out of somebody's driveway and leave them...

Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town (in a Fairway Taxi)

Since the taxi passed the MOT back in Spring 2021, I have been working my way around the underside, sills, wheel arches and wings, making sure they are as 'rust-proofed' as they possibly can be. In short, this involves...

Fairway Taxi Steering Box Seal Replacement

As I mentioned in my last update, my steering box leaked all over my garage floor. The good news is I have now fixed the leak by replacing the seal that sits on the output shaft. You can find...
London Taxi Wedding Couple


Background If you're thinking of buying a Fairway you'll inevitably need to get insurance for it. When I was looking to purchase one, I always tried to get insurance beforehand but would just get rejected as I was under 21. The...

TonesTaxis Visits Weymouth

I had the fantastic opportunity to be invited to a joint birthday party in the south of the UK in a place called Upwey, near Weymouth. The journey from my new house would be about 4 hours (depending on how...

MOT Passed!

It's been 3 years since I was told the Fairway was too unsafe to be tested... After many months of welding, servicing and changing bits and bobs, we finally have a pass! And she passed first time. I couldn't believe...
fairway taxi gearbox oil

Filling and Changing the Gearbox Oil

Do you have a Leaking Gearbox? If your Fairway doesn't pull along like it used to, or it's not getting the top speeds that you hear other owners boasting about, then there's a good chance the auto gearbox has something...

What’s it Like to Drive?

A tank. It's noisy, bone rattling, agricultural, but that's why it's fun! With due credit to the lads at Austin in the 50's, they weren't designing a car which had to run at motorway speeds, or be particularly comfortable for long drives....




Electronics Overhaul

Motion Door Locks

Body mount rust

Rusty Sills