Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town (in a Fairway Taxi)

Since the taxi passed the MOT back in Spring 2021, I have been working my way around the underside, sills, wheel arches and wings, making sure they are as 'rust-proofed' as they possibly can be. In short, this involves...

Getting Ready for the MOT

After a long period of not getting much done, I've found a second wind! I'm aiming for an MOT pass by the end of March - so lots of small jobs to be done in order to get the...

Rear Wheel Arch & Boot Floor Repair

  The landscape has changed somewhat since I posted about Removing the Rear Wings in October last year. As a consequence, I've had more time off work to focus on the rust which was revealed in the rear wheel arches,...
removing fairway taxi rear wing

Removing the Rear Wings

Since the MOT failure last year, I have been working slowly but surely around the inner sills and body mounts and replacing rust with either new parts, or at least new metal. I still haven't completely finished, which is...
Body mount rust

Rusty Sills

The taxi failed the MOT because the inner sills were suffering had rusted around the body mounts. I have a look to see how much work needs to be done...
fairway mot failure

MOT Failure!

It's not at all surprising that the taxi failed the MOT, however I'm slightly worried that the reasons behind the failure will now put the taxi off the road for a long time. As I mentioned in my last post,...

A Look Underneath

I had a quick look underneath the taxi to see what the general state is with all the bits and pieces out of sight. Firstly it's apparent that the rear diff has been leaking a bit, the gearbox also...

A Large Undertaking

I've been putting off having a good look around the taxi because I know the bodywork is looking fairly tired at the moment and it pains me to see the taxi in that state. However, I had a bit of...

I did a RESPRAY! On a Fiat 500…

Since I last updated the website, regretfully the taxi has been somewhat unloved. It has been sitting on my front driveway for over a year, dormant and susceptible to the weather. My efforts over summer 2018 have been ploughed into...

Electronics Overhaul

I've recently undertaken a project to redo a significant amount of the electronics and wiring in the taxi, partly because a lot of it wasn't working due to water ingress (see how I solved that here) and partly because...




Electronics Overhaul

Motion Door Locks

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