Electronics Overhaul

I've recently undertaken a project to redo a significant amount of the electronics and wiring in the taxi, partly because a lot of it wasn't working due to water ingress (see how I solved that here) and partly because...

Electric Windows

The electric windows were installed before I purchased the taxi, in both the front and rear (which is slightly less common). I believe these were installed as an aftermarket extra, because the wiring doesn't utilise some of the existing...


The Fairway wasn't fitted with an intercom as standard, so many were retrofitted with the Wolf kit (or similar) enabling drivers to easily communicate with passengers either side of the glass partition. A taxi intercom will usually consist of a...


In keeping with some of the magnificent design elements of the Fairway, the fusebox is mounted right below the windscreen which seems to leak on even the driest days. In turn, this means the majority of the electronics are...

Headlight Rewire

During my electronics overhaul, it was a priority of mine to get my headlights working reliably. You maybe thinking 'if this guy can't even get his headlights working reliably, he's got no hope', however I'll point out that they...

Getting Behind the Dash

If you've got a Fairway, at some point you're going to need to get behind the dash. This is most likely to fix some electrical problem! https://youtu.be/h30EubI9g4Q It's a relatively easy process, however there are a couple of 'gotchas' which can...

Sensitive Indicators!

A while back when I purchased the taxi, the indicator switch was extremely sensitive - which basically meant the left indicator would come on even if you touched the indicator stalk behind the steering wheel. As with most electrical problems...

Motion Door Locks

The passenger doors on the taxi are connected to motion locks - this means the doors are locked from the inside as the car moves, or when the footbrake is depressed. In theory, this means passengers cannot run off without...




Electronics Overhaul

Motion Door Locks

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