Taxi Spotting

F774 SHX

Pablo who lives in Jerez De La Frontera, Spain, has been renovating a 1989 FX4N - it looks absolutely fabulous. Oddly enough for a taxi of that age, there seems to be little in the way of rust! If...

P706 ORK

Clive is Bristol based and bought his Fairway back in 2011, affectionately known as Porky! It has a turbo charger and upgraded leather seats in the rear. He emailed in a few photos from the original advert and is currently...
p299 ryf

P229 RYF

I was driving up to the Norfolk coast and drove past this Fairway hiding away in a small village just off the A148. It looks like it's in good condition and I presume it's in a drivable state as it...

R607 VOK

I was over in Bristol the other day, and stumbled across this Fairway painted in Bristol blue. The driver wasn't particularly pleased with me snapping away, but I was only too pleased to see the car!
n835 aml

N835 AML

I spent the afternoon at the Hurlingham Park Polo afternoon in London the other day and I was lucky enough to bump into a Fairway! This cream model belongs to who are party organisers - in fact, the passenger compartment was...

Italian Fairway

Andrea Ciullo from Italy was in touch and sends this photo of his Fairway, which is currently undergoing restoration.

Bobby’s Ex-Dior Fairway

Bobby has been in touch and we've been talking about his incredible Fairway; I love my car! It's truly my pride and joy. It's a labour of love and it's my responsibility to keep it happy. I hope I'll have this...

Lincolnshire Fairway

Ian Rushby uses this Fairway as a daily runaround whilst his main car is being fixed. Looking great!

P135 SHV

I see this one frequently around Cambridge, always very clean and a pleasure to park next to! Lee has got in touch and sent these photos in of P135 SHV - this was his cab on the London circuit!

M283 LYT

A great example of a Fairway, parked up at the train station in Weybourne, Norfolk. If I remember rightly, the upholstery in the drivers cab was an adaptation of the A-Z?! Looked amazing.




Electronics Overhaul

Motion Door Locks

Body mount rust

Rusty Sills