If you’re thinking of buying a Fairway you’ll inevitably need to get insurance for it.

When I was looking to purchase one, I always tried to get insurance beforehand but would just get rejected as I was under 21. The 2.7 litre engine unfortunately means most insurers won’t even consider you as a viable risk at these sort of ages. I managed to get one quote when I was 19 with Aviva, however it was £6500 which was absolutely ridiculous…

When I was 21, I did the annual ring around to see if I could find a quote, to my surprise two insurers were finally happy to insure me. Peter Best and Adrian Flux both offered me quotes. Initially the price was around £650, with Adrian Flux being a tad cheaper. That premium has reduced to just under £450 as a consequence of my no claims discount, and my age.

As a result, Adrian Flux have provided my Fairway Taxi insurance for 5 years and have constantly been unbeatable – my current premium is £195 (correct as of 2021).

The two aforementioned companies frequently do specialist insurance and don’t bat an eyelid when you mention an LTI Fairway, so it’s very easy to get a quote from them. You’ll struggle to get insurance with mainstream insurers as they are unlikely to have the model on their systems. If you’re persistent you can advise the agent to look up Carbodies, LTI, London Taxis International, but 9/10 they won’t find it.


If you’re just starting out on a search, I’d recommend trying these guys first (I’m in no way affiliated with any company!);

  • Adrian Flux
  • Peter Best
  • Footman James
  • Lancaster

Incidentally, at one point I considered doing weddings and as such wanted an additional level of insurance. I believe most of these companies offer such cover and will even give a discount if you’re a member of a driving/motoring club.


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