Hard to Find Fairway Taxi Parts

In order to simplify the design of the Fairway and to keep the cost of production down, many of the parts were taken from existing vehicles.

There are taxi specialists who still have a large stock of the more general parts (you will find a list of these here), however since the Fairway hasn’t been in production for over two decades and the number of working Fairways decrease on a yearly basis, fewer retailers are stocking and advertising the more obscure items.

In order to find these parts, it pays to remember that you’ll most likely find them on another car of that era. Better still, if you know which one, you have the right thing to search for and therefore more chance of finding them online.

For example, if you’re after a replacement passenger footwell light, you won’t find the item for sale by searching for ‘Fairway Taxi Interior Light‘ because nobody advertises them as such. However, these have more recently been used on the Vauxhall Corsa and Astra, so you will find them by searching along those lines.

Below you’ll find a list of parts which are rarely advertised as Fairway taxi parts, however are more sought after in other markets, which will hopefully make it easier to source. Where possible, I have also included the part number.

If you know of any parts that are shared with other vehicles, please
send in the details and I’ll list them up here so you can help out others in a similar position!

Passenger Cab Footwell Lights
Found today on Vauxhall Corsa/Astra/Meriva/Zafira

General Motors Part #8972943

Dashboard Central Switches –
Found on Range Rover Classics

Part No.’s:
Hazard Lights #AFU4209L
Interior Lights #ATU1020L
Heated Windscreen #ATU1021L
Rear Fog Light #ATU1022L

Dashboard Rocker Switches
SWF/Britax Commerical Switch Range

The Switches have their own respective part numbers, then require a lens which shows the correct picture.

Taxi Light Switch is Part Number #511.005
Dash Light Dimmer Switch is Part Number #511.031

The frame is made up of two ‘End Pieces’ from the Britax Series 511 Range: Part Number#594.802

The wiring harnesses are from the same Britax range. One to take connect to the switch pins (1-8) and the smaller to send power to the light inside the switch.

#596.289 Main Harness
#913.328 Light Harness

Headlights –
Found on Austin, Mini, Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar and British Leyland Models

7″ Headlights
7″ Chrome Surrounds

Indicators –
Found on Land Rover Defender. Currently manufactured by Bearmach

Front Indicators: Part #AMR6515R
Side Repeaters: Part #PRC4562R

Wing Mirrors –
Found on Ford Capri Mk3, Fiesta Mk1, Escort Mk2

You will also need an ‘adaptor’ plate which marries up the stock mirror with the door profile.