The steering box on my Fairway (and most probably yours!) has always leaked slowly. It’s usually after a drive when the fluid is warm and results in much embarrasment when you reverse out of somebody’s driveway and leave them a small puddle of Dexron oil.

However after a long run the other day, I parked up in my garage and found a larger than normal puddle of fluid underneath the box the following day. In fact, the leak was so substantial that the power steering no longer worked. I could see the leak was coming down from just above the output shaft, most likely from a bad seal inside the steering box.

I’ve purchased a seal kit for the steering box, however it looks like a fairly tricky job to tackle. The steering box needs to be removed, which I imagine is going to prove challenging with seized nuts and separating the ball joints from the track rods is always a faff. The replacement of the seals needs to be done carefully as there are a fair few parts which need to be dismantled in the box and reassambled in the correct order!

With that in mind, I have tried using some Wynn’s Stop Leak; though I fear the leak is too much for this to have any effect. Because it’s the middle of summer, I wanted to try this approach first, before taking the taxi off the road for however long it takes to replace all the seals.

Please let me know if you have any experience with these leaky boxes and if you’ve replaced the seals on yours, I would love to hear from you!

Update 27.07.22 The Wynn’s Stop Leak didn’t work – I have replaced the seals on the output shaft of the steering box and the leak has stopped. The old seal had perished and was letting fluid out. I have written up the entire process here.


  1. The gear box of my taxi is running perfectly well in forward motion and the 3 gears
    but it is very slow and even doesn’t move at all in backward motion when a drive away is a bit sloppy for exemple.
    Anyone could tell me what should be the problem

    • Is a TX2, TX1 Or late fairway? They have the Nissan/Jatco box in them and I had the same issue with mine which is a TX2. The cause was very badly worn clutches and bands in the gearbox which was caused by the radiator failing internally allowing coolant to mix with the automatic gearbox oil unfortunately the fix was to fit a new box and radiator which set me back near enough £3000 with the cost of fitting and VAT. But an easy check is the oil level. With a warm box go through all the gears for 10 second intervals and check the level on the dipstick. If the oil is black then it could mean that the gearbox is breaking up internally, also if the level is really high it could be the same issue that i had where coolant was mixing with the oil. Failing that it might be worth doing an oil and filter change in the gearbox which is certainly the cheapest fix.


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