Since the taxi passed the MOT back in Spring 2021, I have been working my way around the underside, sills, wheel arches and wings, making sure they are as ‘rust-proofed’ as they possibly can be.

In short, this involves using a combination of etch primer on the new bare metal that was welded in, some seam sealer from Bilt Hamber, along with a liberal offering of Bilt Hamber Dynax UB and S50. I have high hopes for these anti-corrosion sprays, they seep into voids, cavities and penetrate flanges and folds. As well as giving long lasting protection, they kill existing corrosion by eliminating the oxygen part of the rust process and will self-heal if cut or impacted by stones etc.

Here you can see the wheel arch – I have put a bit more effort towards preventing any mud or damp ‘roadstuff’ entering and rotting the sills, like before. This came as a sheet of 2mm rubber and was cut to shape to block off the inner and outer sills. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s better than nothing.

The new boot floor is now fully welded in and is now completely hole free! Again, protected with primer, black industrial paint and Dynax S50 where necessary. I will eventually spray a layer of clear-coat inside the boot to protect it further.

The rain channel (around the edge of the boot opening) received substantial welding work earlier this year. After the addition of a brand new seal (not pictured), it needed a bit of finessing before the boot would open and close properly.

I’ve also had some time to fabricate some new brackets/mounts for the rear fog and reverser lights – these were easy enough to make from tracing the old rusty ones onto some 2mm steel and bending. Finished up with etch primer and black industrial paint and Dynax UB.

As you can see, the bodywork is a bit of a mix and match of old and new, steel and fibreglass, so 2022 will most certainly be bodywork focussed, with a complete respray on the cards at some point.

Hopefully I can get a few little projects together on video in order to share with you soon.

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Christmas for 2021!


    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment – I sympathise with you.

      The sheer scale of the job is nearly always enough to stop me getting off my arse and into the garage…

      However. Break it down! I say to myself that I will do the smallest and easiest of jobs – say, removing one panel. Make it even smaller if you want, remove a few screws from the panel.

      This way it seems ever so much easier on the brain. By the time you’re in the garage and that job has gone so quickly and easily, you just keep going!

      That initial hurdle is getting out of the warm house, putting some work clothes on and getting hands on.

      All the best,


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