It’s been 3 years since I was told the Fairway was too unsafe to be tested… After many months of welding, servicing and changing bits and bobs, we finally have a pass! And she passed first time.

I couldn’t believe it; I still can’t. It went through with a couple of advisories regarding one tyre and one of the brakes.

I was worried about the emissions, but it passed with no issues. I have to say, following cleaning the inlet manifold of all the gunk, blocking off the EGR, changing the oil and running the taxi on Wynns Injector Cleaner and BP Ultimate Diesel, it has been running so so well. I gave her a blast on the motorway this morning before going for the MOT and the performance was noticeably better than before. Not only that, the plume of black smoke which I was so used to seeing out the rear view mirror had all but vanished.

The dreaded emissions test…

So what happens now? The bodywork of course! All the panels are new, except the doors, which will need sorting out as the bottoms are rusty. The whole taxi will need a respray and will most likely have to be done in a booth rather than my garage. This is just due to the sheer size.

Onwards and upwards.


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