I see this one frequently around Cambridge, always very clean and a pleasure to park next to!

Lee has got in touch and sent these photos in of P135 SHV – this was his cab on the London circuit!


  1. P135 shv was my Cab gutted had to get rid of Her due to age limit in London if it wasn’t for that I still have Her now fantastic Cab never let me down I remember two Texans Flaged me in Piccadilly and asked me to take him to Southampton for the Qe2 she was fantastic cruise there cruise back no problem whilst having a r replaced 2 rear wings and I replace the diff all work was carried out by myself oil changed every 6000 miles as well as diff and gearbox glad to see she’s still being looked after

    • Great to hear from you! Yeah, it’s frequently around the Cambridge area, I’m not sure if the owners will stumble across this website, but it’s a great looker.

  2. Hi, thanks for the reply
    Have fun and Enjoy driving your Fairway! Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions regarding these taxis as I am a diesel fitter by trade as well as a London taxi driver with loads of Enthusiasm for this vehicle I’ll check back time the time on your website to see if you have any information on p135 shv good luck speak soon Lee

    • Cheers Lee!

      I’ve put those photos up which you sent over. All the best – I’ll let you know if I see her out and about again.

      • Ok thanks mate speak soon by the way my kids named her Betsy if you do see them out and about maybe you could put a add for your website on there taxi I will advise anyone I see with a fairway from now on to have a look at your website many thanks Lee


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