You can find some of the more generic parts on eBay, however there are a couple of decent stores of used/spare parts online. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, check out the my Hard to Find Fairway Taxi Parts page which may give you some reference towards vehicles with the smae parts which are still available.

Leacy Classics – This company has recently acquired all of the stock from London Taxi Exports. They are in the process of moving it all up to Birmingham so it can all be cataloged. Their website will be updated with listings of the parts, however in the meantime (as there is so much stuff) it is best to ring them up and see if they have it. Once all the stock is on their website, it will be an accessible goldmine of Fairway parts! Call Phil and he is a font of knowledge and will help you out.

TS Motor Factors

London Taxi Parts

SPR Taxi Parts

Taxi Mart

You will also find plenty of people online who ‘break’ old Fairways for parts. You can find details of regular breakers on the forums, which I’ve listed here. If you’re may be looking for some inspiration, there are some great websites made by other drivers and restorers here.


If you’re restoring one of these beauties, you’ll most likely need a couple of manuals and other documents to keep you busy.

Feel free to download them here:

Fairway Driver Full Workshop Manual

Fairway Driver Handbook

London Knowledge Blue Book Runs


Intercom Wiring
Headlight re-wire to bypass the Dim-Dip unit