I felt rather dejected having discovered that there was a large rust problem around the body mounts, which was bought to my attention after the MOT Failure. The extent of the rust needed further investigation, however the one thing I was sure of was the inaccessibility of the affected areas.

Body mount rust
Looking towards the inner sill and body mount from underneath the taxi.

The picture above was taken from the underside of the taxi, looking up at one of the body mounts. The metal which should surround it has rusted away, and would have made up the inner sill. If you’re interested or just like watching rust being poked through, take a look at the video below which gives a more in depth view of the problem.

As you can appreciate, getting a grinder and welder in such a tight space would be impossible, so I was very keen to find another way to tackle the issue. The best way is going to involve taking the outer sill off and seeing how much of the inner sill is really left.

I don’t know how easy it is to get the inner sills off for repair, I’m not sure if there are any aftermarket sills available and I’m not sure how much hidden rust there is which will be revealed in the process!

Stay tuned.


  1. Outers off then you can see how much inner is left. Good luck
    I am doing the same on mine, the rust is everywhere. My inners , wheel arches door posts , basically the bottom 6 inches of the cab.

    • Hi Pete,

      I’ve taken the outer sills off and there is very little left of the forward inner sills! The rear inner sills seem to be repairable.

      Glad to know I’m not the only one with rust issues…

      Thanks for your message,


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