Having finished up the bumper (see the finished article here), I want to have a go at the wings. They are already off the car and more importantly, in the warm garage!

They are going to need substantially more work than the bumper did, as there are large sections of rust which are going to need cutting out and fabricating from scratch. In preparation, I’ve been into town to get a section of sheet metal from the steel merchants – it’s 1.2mm thick which is about right for this age of car, 1mm would also have done the job. A sheet of 1m x 1.2m was £20.

The question is, how much of the metal do I cut out?! It is tempting to go big, but I know my welding skills aren’t particularly good. On the other hand, I want to get rid of as much rust as possible…

Here are some pictures of the worst affected area. After a bit of grinding and wire-brushing, you can see there already some small holes appearing under the crust of the red stuff. I think some rust converter was used in the past, which is quite tricky to grind off but it’s clear that there isn’t any usable metal left underneath.

To be honest, I looks like I’m going to have to refabricate about the lower 15 cm of this panel as it’s basically being held together by rust converter and magic.

I’ll probably cut across the panel horizontally and use the rusty part to create a replacement piece… A bit scary, but it can’t possibly look any worse than it currently is. Can it?!

Check out the next steps here.


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