Sorry for the click-bait title, but it’s true!

Having purchased two new fibreglass (NO RUST!) wings from Leacy Classics in Birmingham, it was time to paint them up. This time, I thought I would branch out a bit and try a different type of paint.

With the old cocked-up wing (and indeed some of the other body parts of the taxi), I had used cellulose paint. Without getting too technical, it’s a very forgiving paint for the garage DIY’er as it only uses thinners/solvent during the application, and can be rubbed down afterwards to create a decent finish. The drawbacks of this type of paint is that it never fully hardens and can dull after a year or so.

The other solution, which is what modern cars are painted with, is 2k (2-pack) paints. These use a hardener to set the paint, which creates a far more robust shell for the panel. Another benefit is that the finish out of the gun (assuming good technique) is great and requires no further cutting/polishing/buffing. I must stress that if you plan on using these paints, be sure to wear an air-fed mask as the hardener is highly poisonous if inhaled.

As you can see, the results below are nice. The pictures show the primer stage (grey), colour application, and a final few coats of gloss.

Overall I’m so chuffed, not only because the wings are FINALLY done and I can move onto other things, but because the fibreglass wings will never rust and I’m now painting with decent materials. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t messed up the old wing in the first place! A true blessing in disguise…


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