Having taken the bumper and wings off the car, I started to remove all the layers of paint from the bumper panel, and the outer offside wing.

My aim was to see the raw state of the panel, without any filler etc., in order to see the condition of the panels properly. You can see a couple of different colours between the layers of primer, and it looks like this taxi was originally painted in a dark green.

With the paint off the panels, the extent of the rust is clearly apparent. My plan for the bumper panel is to grind off as much rust as possible, paint over with anti-rust primer, and then go ahead and fill any problem areas before painting. The anti-rust primer I am using is Zinc 182 – I have never used it before, however I am told it will inhibit light rust, and it saves the need to cut parts up and then re-weld.

The outer wing part will need a section cutting out as the rust has penetrated all the way through from the back of the panel. It will then need a new part of rust free metal fabricating and welding in place, in order to be resprayed.

In the next post, I spray the primer.


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