The taxi has been sitting dormant for at least 2 years, which has seen a substantial deal of rust bubbling through the existing paintwork.

Before I purchased the car, the seller must have done a quick job of filler, then a respray, in order to make the car look great – of course this is a short term fix. Indeed, before long, time the rust was back.

I did some work on the car a few years ago whilst I was using it regularly, which included cutting out some of the rust on the bottom/corners of the doors, welding in a new panels and respraying. The majority of this work still looks good (in terms of rust prevention), however the paint job I did back then was not so great – I only had some basic spraying equipment, plus I didn’t take the panels back to bare metal.

My priorities at the moment are the front wings, and bumper. I will remove these from the car, so I can take them inside the garage which can be heated. It’s easier to work on the parts when your hands aren’t freezing off, and on a decent work bench.

The bumper is a relatively easy job, there is a fair amount of surface rust, however I don’t think there will be any need to cut any parts away for re-welding. The wings on the other hand will need some parts re-welding before I can move on with the general bodywork.

I will take these few parts all the way through the process, including taking them back to bare metal, welding (if necessary), bodywork and respraying. If these repairs go well on this relatively small scare, I will tackle the rest of the car. At this point, these are ‘testers’ to see if it’s worth progressing!

In the next post I see the full extent of the rust!


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